August 13, 2018

This photo essay is the first in an ongoing series aimed at showcasing P.E.I. stories through the eyes of local photographers. If you are a photographer interested in pitching a photo essay, please email

One of the most common creatures at Tracadie Beach is the American rock lobster. Above, one warns me I’ve gotten a bit too close and tries to fight my camera.

The popular beach is affectionately known as Pogey Beach by many Islanders — a reference to those on employment insurance or "the pogey."

Many venture for a dip into the water — but most have no idea what swims below them.

Here is a look below the surface.

Sean Landsman

Sean Landsman is a photographer and postdoctoral researcher at UPEI studying issues related to fisheries ecology.

He specializes in underwater imagery and regularly publishes in national and international outlets.

Sean is a proud Canadian immigrant and currently lives in Charlottetown with his wife and feline fur children.

You can find more of his photographs at