October 19, 2019

The annual fall potato harvest is underway on farms across Prince Edward Island and when it will finish depends on the weather.

The fall has been wet so far and that worries farmers so they take advantage of every good day to have their machines and people on the land working all day and long into the night.

Craig Potato in Tryon and Skye View Farms in Elmwood, are just two Island farms rushing to get the crop into the warehouse.

Craig Potato is a seventh-generation farm run by Lester Craig and his wife Sharon along with their sons Mark and Brent.

Skye View Farms is a sixth-generation farm run by Alex Docherty, his son Logan, and Alex’s 84-year-old father Kenneth. Both farms grow seed potatoes and the Craig farm is certified organic.

“For three generations, to be able to work together at the same time on the same farm and me being the sixth generation of it and we take a lot of pride in it, and enjoy everything that we do,” Logan Docherty said in a short interview as potatoes moved along a conveyor belt and into one of the farm’s warehouses.

Being organic is a point of pride for Mark Craig. The farm received its organic certification in 2005 and it offers its Simply Organic brand of table potatoes which has been certified by ProCert Organic.

Craig said the farm uses only organic spray to keep the weeds down in the fields.

Brian McInnis

Brian McInnis is a Charlottetown-based freelance photographer.

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