Warning: The following story and podcast episode contain graphic descriptions that some people may find disturbing.

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Episode 1: The Gun

It's a warm August night in 1985, and 17-year-old Peter Hamer is partying with some friends from his summer job. He's a cute kid with a wavy mullet and a dimple on his chin.

The teens have been drinking beer and coolers. One of them decides they should call their high school music teacher, Bob Clarke, and invite him to the party.

"We phoned his house and if I remember correctly ... my neighbour, had said, you know, 'It's a party, there's boys. It's a good opportunity.' And he showed up," Hamer, now 51, recalled years later.

Hamer isn't a member of the popular clique at school. He's neither a jock nor a brain; he's a band geek who spends his lunch hours hanging out in the music room.

From left, Peter Hamer's 1986 yearbook photo, and Hamer in 2018. (Michel Aspirot/CBC)
From left, Peter Hamer's 1986 yearbook photo, and Hamer in 2018. (Michel Aspirot/CBC)

His relationship with his music teacher is complicated, and when Clarke arrives at the party, something inside the teenager snaps.

"So I went downstairs and I got my dad's 12-gauge shotgun."

He carries the gun upstairs to the living room, where his teacher is sitting on the couch.

"And I pointed the gun at his head."

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