Select your birth year, a location and an emissions scenario.

These are your personal climate stripes, where you can see yearly temperature averages compared to when you were born. Starting in 2015, stripes are projections and will vary depending on the scenario you choose.

To compare temperature over your lifetime to other generations, we’re using your birth year to calculate a “climate normal.”

The climate normal is a 30-year average of annual temperatures, 15 years before you were born and 15 years after you were born.

Let’s see how temperatures vary over 70 years of your life.

This temperature data comes from Environment and Climate Change Canada. The data contains projections using 30-year averages and annual averages from the most current global climate model data, CMIP6. CMIP is an international scientific collaboration under the United Nations World Climate Research Programme.
There are three emissions scenarios in this project: high-emissions (CMIP6 SSP5-8.5), medium-emissions (CMIP6 SSP2-4.5) and low-emissions (CMIP6 SSP1-2.6). The scenarios incorporate projected temperature data starting in 2015. The data is an output of 26 different models, and we use the median values in this project.
Stripe colours are based on the difference between annual average temperatures and the 30-year temperature average around the user’s birth year. To calculate generational differences, we compared the 30-year temperature average around the user’s birth year to the 30-year average around the median age when each generation is born and turns 70.
Generational birth ranges are as defined by Statistics Canada. Locations are Canada’s largest population centres, capitals and locations of CBC/Radio-Canada stations.
This project was inspired by #ShowYourStripes a concept by the University of Reading’s Ed Hawkins.
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