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    Comparing the years

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    Historical trends



    The data for the Climate Dashboard comes from the Meteorological Service of Canada (MSC). We display weather information for undefined locations in real time.

    While the MSC has data available for more than 800 locations, we’ve excluded locations with less than per cent of the data for the - period. This is the timeframe used to compute historical averages. Locations without historical records before have also been excluded.

    For more information on the weather stations and datasets used, click on the throughout the page.

    If you notice problems with the data, or want to suggest improvements, write to us at climate.dashboard@cbc.ca.

    This page and the analysis behind the data and the charts were shared before publication with Environment and Climate Change Canada experts. Their comments and suggestions helped inform the analysis.

    The Climate Dashboard was published on May 3, 2023. It continuously updates with real-time data.

    Senior data producer: Naël Shiab • Design: Richard Grasley • Development: Adam Nyx, Robert Davidson, Andrew Ryan and Naël Shiab • Editing: Amy Husser • Executive producer: Elizabeth Haggarty • CBC News Labs